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Helping the Homeless step by step

Dave H started this conversation
 Reach 4 Salem is a non-profit corporation with ideas to support the Homeless step by step from the sink hole they are in, too leading a respectful life in the community.  We are the first to design a way of help which involves an invitation to the Homeless to better themselves through pride, encouragement, and word of mouth. This is a process that curtails agencies budgets by reducing clients, which are only looking for a free ride. Looking for help to land a job requires training. Training requires self convenience, mentally and physically. Self convenience requires knowledge, clothing, appearance, food, housing, transportation and support groups. All help must be located in one place in order for the client to focus.
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the millions of the real good specialists loosing the 1000's jobs a day. and you trying find the job for WHO ? One more question: " what the wether on your planet"??

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 in response to Dave H...   urrr u kidding??
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Dave H

Childs Help 1 reply

If Reach 4 Salem was fully functional it would help the Homeless with clothing, food, job placement, transportation and, a place to stay. I would suggest finding a food box Church or Salvation Army food box center for help. To find one, you would only have to visit the same place you receive your food stamp card, Human Resources, and they would give you a list of helping agencies. Also with children, you would only have to ask your case worker for help. Thank You

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ChildHelp 1

Thanks for your help in the world. Our childrern attending YIC need uniforms and fees to attend in this coming september 2010. Please if there is anyone to help in any way, please help. ANY SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED.

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Dave H

How far can you go without a income? Can you get housing? Why are you Homeless? No car no job, no job no income, no income no home, no home no showers, clean is important....

I believe 90 per cent of the Homeless have a disorder of some sort that keeps them from finding work. I believe every person should have a place of their own to call home, free from City and State Ordnance.

Other disorder; going through garbage for income. Not wanting, being told what to do. Committed a crime, Not having a place to live without the Police making you move somewhere else, Family problems, child support, divorce, other Homeless stealing your belongings. Feeling sorry for yourself, Getting beat-up. Loosing your vehicle because no insurance. There are many reasons for a mental disorder as there are people. Do you think living in the streets is normal behavior? When you’re out in the streets there are very few people you can trust.

We are the first to design a way of help

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I checked the IRS and your organization is not listed ... also , I think you mean self "confidence" not self convenience

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